I took some liberties with this page. The photo is of my husband's great grandfather in his 90s. He had just remarried and he and his wife celebrated their wedding by parading down a street in Buffalo, NY. Because he was a Civil War Veteran I can only assume that the medals he has pinned on his lapel could be from his service. I did some research and found that these medals were awarded to the soldiers. Whether he received them, I don't know and nobody in the family who is alive knows either. So I award them to him posthumously.

PS ... I love how Adryane always has hidden faces in her pages, this is my attempt, but I just couldn't achieve the depth she has in her work.

Anna Aspnes
Artsy Transfers Patriarch (transfers, splatters) (new June 12)
Typewriters 1 (new June 12)

Artplay Palette Patriarch (paper, wood tab) Artplay Palette Patriarch
MultiMedia Patriarch 1 (frames, button, paper) MultiMedia Patriarch 1
MultiMedia Frames 6 (tape) MultiMedia Frames 6
MultiMedia Arrows 1 (splatters) MultiMedia Arrows 1
Patriarch WordART Mix 1 Patriarch WordART Mix 1
Layered Edge Overlays 2 Layered Edge Overlays 2

A solid paper from APP Patriarch was used as the foundation of the page. This was duplicated with the blending mode changed to multiply for a darker color. The main image was extracted and placed on the page. MM Patriarch_1 (some of the layers turned off) was layered under the image The four frame masks were merged together to form one frame mask. The newsprint text paper from the kit was clipped frame mask. MM Patriarch_2 was added (some of the layers were turned off). The portrait of the man was clipped to the frame mask. The text print paper was clipped to the photo with the blending mode changed to color burn. This image was duplicated, resized and placed above MM Patriarch_1 frame (blending mode color burn). The photo was duplicated again and place clipped to the merged frame mask in MM Patriarch_1. A variety of newsprint transfers from AT Patriarch were layered behind the frames (blending mode changed to color burn). The medals found on the internet were extracted and placed on the page with a custom shadow added. The page was completed with word art, dimensional embellishments, splatters and a Typewriter 1 brush (recolored with the blending mode changed to color burn) and an overlay.

Thank you for looking!
Love, love this! Great extraction. Love the collage of WA, ephemera, and blended faces. The vertical line of medals is absolutely fantastic.
I love the medals! to survive the Civil War he deserves them! I love he got married and paraded down the street! love the embellishments and the hidden faces - awesome blending! awesome heritage page!
Miki this is truly wonderful Im halfway through creating a piece in honour of Adryanes art but again its all about the depth. Yours is full of lovely detail.
An amazing page. When I try to put this much on a page I freak out. And you have done it and it all fits so well.
Congratulations! Your layout has been featured on the Gallery Standouts blog today.

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