Never Ends

Never Ends

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Inspiration: This time, it was the WordArt from this kit. The words love and together had me thinking of my husband and the pictures I found recently.

Process: I started with Artsy Layered Template 302. I switched out the frames for two of the Stitched Frames. I turned of the stitching on one of the frames. I added two photos to the frames using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I placed a Linear Mask on the page and clipped a black and white copy of one of the pictures to the mask.

I brought Solid Paper 3 onto the page. Some of the layers had their blend modes changed from normal, and they instantly reacted to the paper in a good way. Some of the layers of the template were colored, but I added color to a couple of others using Edit>Fill. Two of the layers I duplicated and changed the color. One, I changed the blend mode on. I placed the seedpod under the framed images. Under the pod, I put a leaf brush on a separate layer. I used a shadow action. I have to make a shadow that looked like the paper word strip was popping off the page on one end.

I finished by adding WordArt to the page for a title and the journaling.
Love the blended photo into your amazingly beautiful bg and the continuation of the second and third photo.
A touching story and loving remembrance! Love the photo of you two!
Love the repetition of photos. Lovely story on a beautiful background.
Your wonderful art perfectly captures the love between you two. Love never fades, it just changes form.

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