Mission: Survival

Mission: Survival

Mission: Survival
A typical Blursday in Maprilay

aA Dragonfly, MM Flowers, & I liked Anna's FotoInspired Template Pack 2M a lot, but then that made it so I had to use it. Studied it for weeks and finally had a go with it.

We planned a trip for September, but it could still be canceled. With the question in the back of our minds it seemed there was nothing ahead. Our big thing was a weekly trip to Fort Collins for take-out & margaritas so we could tip our friends. Knowing our job was just to survive was helpful.
useful reflection on our situation through these magnificent fractals. pink and yellow, from the small window from left to top, can represent
Hope for an indefinite exit!
These fractals seem to focus on the complexity of our situation--but I see in the spring flowers the hope that carries us through.
So interesting to find out what thoughts your art provokes.

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