Mean, Cruel Mama
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Mean, Cruel Mama

OK, so not only am I taking the mickey out of my poor son (thank goodness he can't read well enough to understand all this - at the moment!), but I'm so lazy I'm blatantly lifting and earlier LO of mine (https://ozone.oscraps.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=62182&cat=811), which I love, but what a cheapskate!

WordArt: Jodie McNally, oscraps.com, Im talking bout.....Photography WordArt
Paint Line: Karah Fredricks, osraps.com, Finishing Touches 1&2 Brushes
Font: Century Gothic, Downcome & Accidental Presidency
hahahahaha...where are you finding the time?????

LOVE this....I think I have the same pillow case LOL!
oooh this could be a risky strategy Selena ... he'll get his own back on you one day!!!! But I reckon you'll always have the upper hand, because you can always show this is his girlfriend(s) when he's older!!!! Great journaling.

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