Mandala - Yellow
I have been wanting to do a mandala-type page for a long time. I did most of the element placement manually, since PSE doesn't allow you to create actions, but after the first couple of layers, which took forever, I developed a rhythm for the rest of the page. Here is a very abbreviated workflow:

Choose element. Place at center near bottom. Duplicate. Rotate 180 degrees. Place new element at center near top. Align. Merge element layers. Duplicate this new layer. Rotate new layer 90 degrees right. Merge all element layers. Duplicate this layer. Rotate the new layer 45 degrees right. If you want, you can merge these new layers, duplicate, and rotate the new layer 22.5 degrees right. Repeat with each new element, resizing if needed.

I used the polar coordinates filter to make the circle of stitching and outer border.
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Supplies: Lime in the Coconut Collection from Mixed Media by Erin
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  1. mixed media by Erin >>

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mixed media by Erin
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