Make the Time

Make the Time

I miss those quiet afternoons when I could pick up a book that took me away on an exciting adventure with only the house sounds in the background, the fridge kicking in, the clock ticking the minutes away and the baseboard heaters knocking. These photographs reminded me of those quiet afternoons that I need to make time for again.

ArtPlay Palette HyggeArtPlayPaletteHygge
Hygge WordART Mix No. 1HyggeWordARTMixNo.1
MultiLayered FotoBlendz No. 6MultiLayeredFotoBlendzNo.6
ArtsyStains No. 2ArtsyStainsNo.2
TapedTextures No. 2TapedTexturesNo.2
Different Strokes No. 9DifferentStrokesNo.9
UrbanThreadz No. 5UrbanThreadzNo.5
ArtPlay Palette TravelerArtPlayPaletteTraveler
Photos: BarnImages

Process Notes: Using artsy paper 1 as my foundation I brought in and placed the png FotoBlendz and photos, resizing all to fit together just the way I wanted and clipping the photos the the masks. (When Im compositing photos together and playing around with the placing, I like to temporarily turn down the opacity of the photos to see how they are fitting together.) I duplicated the lamp photo and blended to Lighten, I also duplicated the book photo and blended to Soft Light. I left the masks on Normal.

The word art was tucked in around the book photo underneath the photo layers in the panel. I roughed up the word art layer by placing the patterned paper from APP Traveler in-between the photo/mask layers and using a reverse layers mask, I brought a bit of the patterned paper back in with a stain brush and blended the paper to Hard Light. This gave the word art a mottled look which I liked better. Above these layers I stamped an artsy stain brush leading the eye down, using a color from the palette.

For the title I used word art and clipped a transfer from the kit to it and left them on Normal after playing around with the different bland modes, then adding the little label from the kit underneath the title and blended to Darken to knock out the background of it.

Along the long edge of the book I added a taped texture using a color from the palette to give it a bit of a texture.

Finishing the page with the foliage, tea set attached with the urban thread and adding a little splatter underneath at the bottom of the foliage. And there you have it!
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Love the light pattern on the lamp, and the scale of the book and the bricks.
The lamp/book combo has such an active look, like you are being beckoned to your favorite chair. Definitely make that time for yourself!

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