Majestic Structures_Abtuquity_Joan Robillard 600.jpg

Majestic Structures_Abtuquity_Joan Robillard 600.jpg

AnnaRelease 5 August 2016 Anna Aspnes Designs | Digital Scrapbook Designer:Oscraps

Inspiration – I was inspired by ArchiTexture brushes and went to Unsplash to see if I could find a picture to work with the idea of architecture.
Start – File>New 12x12 300 dpi
Paper – Solid Paper 2 was placed above the background layer.
Mask – I used Artsy Transfer 2 for the mask for the picture (Photo by Patrick Baum on Unsplash ). I placed the picture above the Artsy Transfer which I had grouped together. I attached the picture using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I changed the Blend Mode on the mask to Hard light.
Transfer- I placed Artsy Transfer 4 in the lower right-hand corner.
Elements – I placed the watch and ribbon together on top of the photo and used the word strip Notable on Blend Mode Darker
Brushes – I used Architecture brushes 1 & 6 I used Blend mode Color burn on one and Linear burn on the other after I filled them with a brown color. I used the artstroke brush above the photo, then I used
brushes 1, 12 and 14 to give texture to my page.
Words – Used the word art Majestic Structures for a title.
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  1. Anna Aspnes

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Majestic Structures_Abtuquity_Joan Robillard 600.jpg
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