Majestic Structures

Majestic Structures

ArtPlay Palette Antiquity
ArtsyTransfers Antiquity
UrbanThreadz No. 11
ArchiTextures No. 6
Antiquity WordART Mix No. 1

Inspiration My photos of old house, barns and buildings. I choose only a couple for this page/
Start Blank page
Paper-I placed Solid Paper 1 above the background
Artsy transfers - I moved Artsy Transfers 1 and 2 into opposite corners and placed each in a group. So I could use them as masks. I turned each one of them 90 degrees to give them a landscape layout..
Photos I choose a pictures of an old farm house and a red barn. I attached them to the Artsy Trmsfers sing Layer>Create Clipping Layer. I moved the tape layer of Artsy Transfer1 above the farm.
Overlays I placed Overlay2 in the lower left hand corner and Overlay 1 just above the old farmhouse.
Brush I placed Architextures 6.6 in the lower left over the transfer a bit but lowered the opacity to 74%.
Wordtransfer Place word transfer 1 in the blank area created by the two photos and the brush.
Journaling I used the wordart Majaestic Structures for the title because I think this old buildings are majestic as they hold on.
Elements I placed the watch so it landed behind the white curve on Overlay 1. I erased par of the curve so that the curve appeared as a pocket that the watch sat in. The watch representing the passage of time.

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