Love These

Love These

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In my haste to post tonight I originally posted my first page which I refer to in my notes. Sorry
I love an Artsy Layered Template. The possiblities are endless.

First I turned off all the layers except the frames. I had four pictures of lighthouses that I had edited in Topaz Studio giving them various Vintage looks. I placed Multimedia 1 over the three vertical frames and then turned them off also.I added three to the three to the masks and used Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I had to duplicate the middle photo and but the duplicate above the smaller frame and used Layer>Create Clipping Mask. . Then I turned off the other frame and placed my fourth photo over the spot where that frame was. SO mostly I used the frames as markers for placing my pictures. . I control clicked on the photo and then added a layer and used Edit>Fill> with black, multiply blend mode and opacity set to 50% I made a layer to be my shadow layer. I selected the move tool and clicked on Control and T. Then I clicked on the layer and in the pop menu I selected the warp tool. I clicked on the upper left corner and pulled it out and down very slightly so the photo looked like a picture hanging on a wall.

I experimented with every solid paper and tried using two and various blending modes. I ended up changing this all when I thought I was all done with my page. But I leave my page on the computer for a day and keep looking at it. The page wasn't working. So in the end I used Solid paper three on just normal mode.

I added trans 5 to the page which aligns to the top. Also Transfer 3 was placed in the lower left corner. I used Image>Adjusment>Hue/Saturation to bring out a little brown to the newspaper. I then turned on some of the layers I had turned on and played with the colors and placement and blend modes and because I was playing I can't remember everything I did. And things changed as I played with the papers. But in this final rendition I used a white paint transfer and filled it with brown with blend mode changed to Linear Burn and moved to the side so the I had a visual triangle of brown. The other layers I turn on were black and added to the transfers I had added.

I added the wood word art Love to the page and type the word these. Making up my title. I could keep playing but decided it was time to stop. I have to stop.
love the lighthouses - they look awesome in the frames - awesome vintage feel to the page!
A handsome lighthouse page, Joan! Especially love the top photo with cool perspective of the stairs!
Amazing layout ... I have a weakness for lighthouses ... love the photo treatment and the framing!
Thank you for your process notes!

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