looking back

looking back

is something she never did

Anna Aspnes
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WordARTMix Antiquity No.1 http://www.oscraps.com/shop/Antiquity-WordART-Mix-No.-1.html
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ArtsyTapes No.1
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I started with one of the new artsy papers from AP Antiquity, then built the center cluster with the frames, envelope, gem, flowers, and ribbon (all from the new AP Antiquity). The photo was added between the frame layers rather than clipped to the photo mask. The whole thing needed more color. I went with the green from the flowers and added the tapes and splatters. I have one of the definition overlays from the WordARTMix clipped to the envelope (bygone). There are three different threadz files layered under the frames. To better move the design across the page, I added the two blended images. Each a little bit different in size.

Thanks for looking :)
She was probably on to something..... love the interest of all the divine layers and your use of the fabulous threadz!!
this is lovely - all the layers and blending and what an awesome woman who never looked back!
Love the repetition! The photo. The greens. The roses. And the way you gave the wordArt a different meaning.
ah, what a wonderful page, so many interesting details and message. love how you created the feeling of the "golden twenties" with the brooch and the colours (light green, brown an soft gold/warm yellow).
I like that you didn't clip the photo down to the mask. Your pages are always a delight of gorgeous layers. Using the photo in the background and the placement of the threads to add framing of the main photo. Goodness all the way around your page.
Love that photo ! Love the amazing layers, you know i am a big fan from your designs !
layered perfection. love how you've showcased that amazing photo. such a great smile.

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