Like the Moon_Aubade Artsy Transfers_NAdams_600.jpg

Like the Moon_Aubade Artsy Transfers_NAdams_600.jpg

Created for the AnnaLift Challenge inspired by Dorci.

Artsy Transfer Aubade 1, 2, 3 and 5
Mini ArtPlay Palette Ariose Brush 1
Potpourri 5_1
Multimedia Moons 1_4
APP Ikigai Navy flower, brush 12
Manu SoftTex overlay

The photo was altered the Sketch app. The Artsy Transfers were positioned around the photo. The photo was adjusted to Hardlight, duplicated and clipped to the Aubade Artsy Transfer 1 and 2. The textures were created with the Potpourri 5 paper set to Multiply Blending Mode. The SoftTex overlay darkened the drawing effect of the photo. A blue Color Fill layer deepened the blue tones. The brush work was added to paint the ground. The Multimedia Moon and flowers were added with the poem.
The poem was from the internet and the author was "cw".

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes

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Like the Moon_Aubade Artsy Transfers_NAdams_600.jpg
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