Letchworth in the Winter

Letchworth in the Winter

Loved Nancy's Pont du Gard Double double page! My favorite bridge to photograph in all seasons is the Letchworth State Park bridge. I've never seen the train cross it, but it's a regular occurance.
Credits list
Scenic Template Album 4 (pages 4 and 5)
Artplay Palette Evanescent (paper)
Artplay Palette Brumal (paper, label word)
Artplay Palette Lost (string)
Artplay Palette Neige (button)
Artplay Palette Canyon (button, label word)
Artplay Palette Lateritious (string)
SnowSprays 3
Snow Sprinklez 1
Crocheted Snow 2

A 12x14 inch page was made to accomodate two templates. A solid paper from APP Evanescent was placed on the left side of the page, duplicated, rotated and placed on the left side of the page. Using the healing tool, the edges of the papers where they met in the middle were blended together. STA 4 page 4 was grouped and dragged onto the layout. The same was done with STA 4 page 5. The large photo of the bridge was clipped the large fotoblendz mask. The photo was duplicated and clipped the large fotomask on page 5. Because some of the details of the frozen waterfall was lost, the photo was duplicated a third time. The edges of this photo were erased to blend the photo in better. The smaller images were clipped to the frame masks.The page was completed by adding dimensional embellishments, snow brushes, and word art.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
wow this is beautiful! I've never seen an almost-frozen waterfall! Perfect subject for Scenic Template! My husband would find the train schedule and go see it :)

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