January 2022 Monthly Review

January 2022 Monthly Review

I started with the MonthReviewTemplateAlbum No.6 and used the May template #10 instead of January template #2, so that it would better fit my main landscape photo.
I placed Amity Palette Paper Overlay #1, ArtsyPaper #1 and #2, and Transfer #2 (blend mode Multiply) to create the background.
I attached my main picture to the template’s fotoblendz.
I clipped my main photo to the middle frame and enlarged it to show the church. I clipped free photo PIXNIO-36118-1509x1110 of the swan to the left frame, turning off the white border. I then extracted the swan and placed above the two frames with a drop shadow style applied. I placed Amity Transfer #2 on top, lowering opacity and using blend mode Color Burn. I then turned off the white borders to the other 2 frames and added Amity artsy papers #1 & #2.
I replaced the calendar, swapping January from template #2 in place of May, and changing the angle so I could add my cluster next to the calendar.
The cluster is MultiMediaWinter3 #1 with the twig removed, button re-colored from pink to blue, and the snowflake lace duplicated.
I added UrbanThreadz No.19 #4 to the button.
I used Adventure WordART Mix No.1 WoodWord #3 and Word #4 for the title. I used fonts Strings and Arial Narrow for the saying in the frame below the extracted swan. Journaling text is in font Arial Narrow.
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This is just beautiful! Love the photos, the frames filled with color, and that extracted swan really adds motion and draws the eye through to the calendar!

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