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This page was created for Mamma O's challenge - scrap about a milestone and include either words from that day or a quote that reflects the sentiment of the day. As I was browsing through Vicki's kits, her She's Got Grit spoke to my mother's heart. My page is about a milestone - the one when my struggling and failing teenage daughter was diagnosed with ADHD - the day that shone the light at the end of the long tunnel of despare and maked the frist step on the way to success, academic and social.
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She's Got Grit by Vicki Stegall
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Very nice page about this topic. Not easy and you've done a beautiful job.
Very nice page about this topic. Not easy and you've done a beautiful job.
Thank you... the most frustrating part is that I'd been saying for more than 10 years there might be something wrong with her, and everyone - teachers, counscellors and family - was telling me I was being too much of a mother-hen and a worrier... that I was seeing what was not and expecting too much from my child... as a five-year old she couldn't sleep without mediation, as a seven-year old when life and school around her would get a bit too much she would retreat into the 'cozy tent' built by the teacher expecially for her, as an eleven year-old she'd keep redoing her homework several times because she could never find it in her school bag - and it was there because I always made sure she'd put it in... all this was labled as 'enlightened', 'focused' or 'just a bit disctracted'... and I was repeatedly being told that I shouldn't compare and undermine my child's confidence.

And she was 14 when she realized for the first time that reading something once is usually enough to get the point. 'Thank you for taking me to see a specialist. I'm so relieved I'm not stupid', she has been saying since that day... Not every one around us is convinced. How can this sweet quiet girl who would spend hours with a book or hunched over a drawing be hyperactive and suffer from attention deficit disorder??? And yet... if only I'd listened to myself all thouse years back so much heartache could have been avoided... she's gained so much confidence over the past year... learning that she can do all the same things her peers can... and more, if she works for it...

Hmm, I think I need to scrap these thoughts...
What a wonderful LO. Your daughter will treasure this page one day - and it will remind her to be tuned in to her daughters, too. My son has a severe form and I have walked this road, too. We talk about it often because his brain just will not calm down and we are awake late into the night. Hugs!

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