Hydrangea_Feuillemort_Joan Robillard 600.jpg

Hydrangea_Feuillemort_Joan Robillard 600.jpg

AnnaRelease 21 September 2018 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/AnnaRelease-21-September-2018.html

Sometimes when you are short on time an Artsy Layered Template is the answer to creating a quick page.
Inspiration - My Dunkin drive-thru has these lovely hydrangea bushes and when I have to wait a while I often pick up my phone and take a few photos.
Start – Artsy Layered Template No 276
Photos – I put three photos of the flowers in frames using Layer>Create Clipping Mask then I colored some of the layers to match the photo colors. I used Edit>Fill.
Transfer- I put Edge Overlay 1 on the 4th frame
Elements – I placed the ribbon over the bottom frames
Brush – I put Urbanthreadz 17.2 over the top frame
Words – I used “The color of this” for the title and then put a poem by Regina from the poetry nook to fill in the journaling.
That quick the page is done.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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LOVE your photos and your inspiration. I can so relate. Stone says he can't find anything to photograph and there I am clicking away and never sitting idle.
I too relate.. recently found some photo worthy shots at Kroger click list parking. I especially like how you framed that top image but all your images are stunning.

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