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Inspired by the AnnaLift Challenge.

aA Classic Release
APP Cynefin
Artsy Transfers Cynefin 2,5,4
Linear FotoBlendz 4
FotoBlendz Overlay 11
Urban Stitchez 7
Family WordArt Mix No. 2
Postage Frames No. 1-3
Simple Torn Edge 5

APP Cynefin Artsy Paper 2 creates the ground. Multiple copies of the Photo were clipped to the Linear FotoBlendz (SoftLight Blending Mode) and FotoBlendz Overlay (Hardlight and VividLight Blending Mode). Additional photos were clipped to the Postage Frames. These were clustered with the elements of the palette and the Family WordArt. Urban Stitchez were used to stitch the cluster to the paper.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Oh wow - this is simply fantastic! Love the blending and the torn paper , those inset smaller photos - just love!
Love the divisions on this page, the tear and the white space and the great line of vertical elements!
Gorgeous wooded path! I can hear the leaves rustle and love the postage stamps!
All the lift pages make me want to go out and find a tree lined road to photograph.
Beautiful page, Nancy.
;) Had to smile. We have no dreary dampness and the opposite is dreary dryness. We have to water our trees through the winter or they'll die. Winter is just a fact of life, but I used to love it when I could ski.

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