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2018/2019 I lost 17 kilos (37,5 lbs) with the help of WeightWatchers. I think I was a bit shocked, cuz I had never believed I was able to lose weight. It was amazing. I didn't have heartburn anymore, and my high blood pressure was gone. The clothes fit better, and I wasn't as bothered by hot weather. In February 2020, it was time to quit WeightWatchers and manage on my own. To begin with, it all went well, but we all remember what happened in March/April. Tests weren't easily available in the beginning of the pandemic, but most likely, we had Covid in March 2020. I wasn't that sick, just a slight cough for 2-3 days, but Urban was worse. He was coughing for about 5 weeks. I was so worried, and returned to old habits, comfort eating. Covid effected my taste, and the only taste I really felt were salt and fat. The stamina I had gained was all gone. It took about 8 months for my taste to get back to normal, and the stamina isn't back even yet. But, the kilos came back. We did an attempt with WeightWatchers again in the spring of 2021, but I had gotten into menopause, and the weight just didn't come off as easy. And to be completely honest, I wasn't properly motivated. But now we felt it was time. I signed up for WeightWatchers' newsletter, and said I'd join again as soon as there was a good offer. Two days later, the e-mail arrived. It was 50 years to the day, that WeightWatchers was launched in Sweden, and if you joined on that day, you would only have på pay 100 SEK (about US $9.85) per month for the rest of the year. So ... now I have 7 months of weight watching waiting for me. I'm not expecting to get at thin as I am on this photo, but I hope to lose at least 6-7 kilos (13-15 lbs) so that I won't have problems with heartburn anymore, and that I will be able to wear those ridiculously expensive bras, that I bought when I was thin, again. It's really insane that you can't stay healthy without an app! On the other hand, I guess I should be happy that I live in a country, where I am fortunate enough to have to pay money to be able to eat less.
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