Harana 2.0

Harana 2.0

My daughter and her partner are moving their market, which was profiled in the New York Times, CBS Morning, and other high-traffic media outlets, to a larger property—and the closing went without a hitch. This page is about that day, using an oldie-but-goodie Artplay Palette, Wilderness, and the brand new (and on sale) FotoInspired Template Album Y.
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Wow. So much success and congratulations on a new start and more success to come. I can't wait to see this come together, and totally trust that you'll keep us up on it. Love your choice of teal for the sky. :cool:
Very nice use of the Template Album. Great story too! Congrats to them! Looks like a perfect place to grow.
congratulations to them and we wish them the best for this new start! very nice layout!
An amazing and wonderful story of success, so nice in these troubled times. Great happy photos!
How exciting for your family. Congratson! Heading down that way in September, hopefully we'll have time to stop and visit. Love all of the great photos and the old barn!
Wow! Congratulations to them. How exciting. Looks like a wonderful spot to expand. Super photos.
Congratulations!! What a wonderful success they are enjoying--you must be so proud. Their new location looks wonderful--love your title work!!

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