Happy Place_Veranda_Joan Robillard 600.jpg

Happy Place_Veranda_Joan Robillard 600.jpg

Inspiration – the photo trip I took from Biddeford Pool to Hills Beach where I took coastal pictures many of which contained my favorite Sea Roses.

Start – File>New 12x12 300

Paper – Placed Solid Paper 3 above the background layer

Mask – Put VerandaFotoblendz1.4 over the paper

Photo – I attached a copy of the same photo to each layer of the FotoBlendz using Layer>Create Clipping Mask except for the tape layer. Then I played with Blending Modes on the layers to give a unique blended look.

Transfers – Artsy Transfer 5 was put under the Fotoblendz along the bottom ledge – added to the vertical look. The Edge Overlay one I rotated to go at the top of the page to complete the vertical lines.

Elements – I extracted sea roses from close-up photos and extracted some leaves. Then I took Multimedia Flowers 19.3 and took the pieces that suited my cluster. The butterfly I duplicated twice to have a visual triable.

Brushes – I used brush 16 in white and Brush 10 in brown at the top sides of the photo. Brush 1 I did the green as it appeared at the bottom of the picture.

Words – Terra Word Transfer I put in a space in the Artsy Transfer. Then I used Word Art “Happy Place” as my title.
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Happy Place_Veranda_Joan Robillard 600.jpg
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