Happy Birthday-Left Page

Happy Birthday-Left Page

This is the first part of a spread celebrating Emma's birthday at our house. The detail photos will eventually make their way into a FotoInspired template layout to complete the spread.

This layout was Project Earthtone: I wanted to use the fun Party Collection digital supplies, but since nobody was wearing primary colors, I knew I would need to do color correction for coordination. But first, I dealt with my photo, using an iPhone extraction (who knew the camera could extract? I discovered this when accidentally long-holding on a photo). These extractions are time savers, and are typically better than I can do with my brush—it's easy to touch up the weird bits later with a layer mask. I then filled in behind the photo with several Artsy Papers on various blend modes, tweaking the hue/saturation as needed on two of them. I then did the same move on the Multi-media balloon. My next step was dragging in a Jazzed up LoopDaLoop, then adding celebratory word art and an element from the Artplay Palette—all of these being part of the Party collection. Lastly, I turned us into Sticker People to give the layout a little pop.
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Using the Party Artplay Collection, specially priced for a limited time: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/ArtPlay-Party-Collection.html
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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What a joyful page! and why not --a great celebration for your little one--how fast that year went by. Love the balloons and all the WA
Perfect! Love the sticker effect and Elliot's expression ... like ... this is MY kind of family! Party on!
Stunning! I love how you extracted the figures from the ground and touched with a white edge. The background is of "fun" layers and color blends!
What a happy page, looks like you all had a great time! I love the photos and especially the sticker effect, it just adds to the fun!

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