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March 9, 2021 - I needed a trim / haircut. I had debated on whether to go shorter or just get it trimmed up. Well I decided shorter since I was loosing an excessive amount of hair and warmer weather was upon us. When I got to the hairdresser I showed her a picture of the style I had in mind. She said it was do-able. She then proceeded to use her razor to give me a cut. I just cringed, I should have said not too because my hair just doesn't do well with a razor. But I just kept quite hoping it would be okay. Let's just say NEVER again will I let someone to use a razor on my hair. It looks nothing like the photo I showed her. Thankfully my hair grows fast and will grow out enough to get it fixed.

Anna Aspnes
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I know the feeling of struggling with hairdressers, but I think you look great! and I admire your courage for documenting it all! Love the use of the template and the pretty pink embellishments!
I can understand how you must be feeling I am one of those that hates having my hair touched so hairdressers are no no for me so I usually go twice a year for a trim as my hair is straight it does not take long last time I asked for a choppy style I came out and got home and was not happy and vowed never to try that again now my hair is needing another trim my appointment is Thursday and I am thinking of going back to my old style the Bob which I had years ago so we will see what happens I might even be brave enough to post photos
I was losing my hair due to an illness it is nowhere thick as it used to be.
I do think you were very brave to document your experience I think you look amazing with your new style even though you are not happy with it like me my hair grows fast so yours wont be short for long. tfs.x
Beautiful photos and page! Love the cluster ... How happy I will be when I can go to the hairdresser ... The hairdressers had just been reopened and my hairdresser had to be quarantined ... her husband was infected .. just when the quarantine was over the hairdressers had to close again ... and they are still closed ... It has been 6 months since my hair was cut ... pfff ...
I think it they style looks great! A new sassy you! Do understand about hair dressers. It's a very personal experience, and it's not like you can take the hair cut back and exchange it for something else! Great documentation!
Yes, no. I can't do razor either. Cute from here, though. LOL. Love the tiny white flowers and vines, and your page design/frames/stitching. Meanwhile, my hair is getting very long and I'm surprised I'm getting compliments.
I also am loving your haircut. It's positively dashing! My appointment is Friday, the first pro cut in over a year. I've been doing it myself...now THAT'S been a trip! Love the skeptical look in the focal photo.
I also think you look great! but so know the feeling of leaving and thinking "never again!" Really great photos of you, Fran! Love all your soft embellishing.

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