Good Things

Good Things

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My inspiration was the artsy papers which reminded me of sunrises. So found three photos of a morning at Perkins Cove a few months ago.

Since Artsy Layered Template 298 also had the colors of the morning, I decided to use it to start my page. I used Layer>Create Clipping Mask to attach two photos to the frames. I copied one of the images twice and changed the blend mode, so the picture was brighter. I wanted my focal photo in the blue sky area, so I used SummersEnd Brush 5 for a mask flipping it horizontally, so the straight side was under the frames. I clipped my photo of the cove with boats to the Mask. I set the blend mode on the Mask to Linear Light and then added a vector mask to it. With a black brush, I brushed over the area where the yellow-gold transfer was to make it look like the photo was behind them.

I decided then to use the Multimedia mask frame that comes as a bonus in this APP. I took two of the layers that would be the Mask and grouped them. The other two layers I colored using Edit>Fill and picking colors from the picture which I had added to the Mask and turned off the old frame.

I added the Banner above the photos lining it up with the horizon on one of the pictures. I used the warp tool on the shadow to pull it out more over the dots over the framed photo. Then I placed the clock above the Banner and over one of the dots of the Banner. I set a Clock from the Around the clock brushes and placed under the two Framed Brushes. This created a trio of clocks. Also, I noticed that I was seeing circles or circular items framing my pictures, so I added an Artstroke above one of the Clocks and used another brush to add some of the yellow-brown colors on the right side. Lastly, I added the daisy to the right side of the masked focal photo and used an UrbanThreadz, so it looked to attach the flower to the page.

I selected a white area in one of the transfers and used Edit>Fill to change the color to the pink in the sky of the photos. Lastly, I used a Wordart for the title and added some journaling. Of course, there is more on this page than I do in most of my pages, so it makes me a little anxious. I do hope you don't find it too much.
I really like the mix of pretty colors here. Congrats on your GSO!
I really like the photos, the layout! Everything is beautiful on the site, Joan!
Congratulations on the GSO!!

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