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Inspiration – The pictures I took of the free-range guinea hens. They are so fun like naughty little children running their neighborhood. Plus the current Anna Lift Challenge
Paper – Added Solid Paper 1 to the background.
Photo –I used the Object Selection tool to extract the Guinea Hen from the photo.
Transfer – Placed Artsy Transfer 3 on the right-hand edge but turned off most of the layers leaving mostly the flower. Then added Artsy Transfer 5 under the photo, but I rearrange the layers to create something to contain my photo
Element – I placed the paper flower over part of the transfer.
Words- I typed the word Free with Chicken Scratch font. Then I used the Plus sign in Chicken Scratch the represent chicken feet marks in the ground.
Journal - On my way from home each day I pass these free-range Guinea hens. They are like children having too much fun running around the neighborhood.
elle est amusante cette pintade sauvage, beau détourage, un travail sur l'ombre également, belle page Joan !!!
Love the cute photo of the guinea hen and the story about them running around the neighborhood just like naughty children they are free range lol.x
Très belle page, beau détourage et j'aime les traces de pattes mélangées aux lettres du titre.
That child-like "F R E E" is perfect! We have a rafter of wild turkeys that roam the neighborhood. They like to sit in the yard and rest in the shade and sometimes fly to the low branches of our pear tree. We don't have any wild chickens, yet.

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