Fine Wine

Fine Wine

It was years ago that I toured wineries all about Washington and Oregon. I have since given up wine as it’s tannin caused my headaches. Who would have guessed at that time that those beautiful wineries would fade away. The closest winery to me, Chateau Ste Michelle in Woodinville, WA., may be sold and gone forever.

Construction: I started with ArtPlay Palette Sonoma Artsy Paper #4 for the background. I placed two ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral FotoBlendz No. 1 #1 on the right and #3 on the left, with the same clipped photo free from Pxhere “plant-grape-vine-vineyard-fruit-flower-919814”.
I placed ArtsyTransfers Sonoma #4 in two places of the page, modifying and removing various layers.
I used 2 Pxhere photos of wine glasses, grapes and a wine bottle (liquid-plant-grape-wine-white-fruit-796516 and liquid-plant-grape-wine-white-fruit-796516), which I extracted, for my foreground elements, erasing partly to get a see-through look on the glasses. I used an Adobe tutorial for the cylindrical warp to wrap the wine bottle with a photo of a Chateau Ste Michelle label by Roger W. on Flicker #10745442096_c5a07802a2_o. I used a distressed paper blended to age the bottle & label, The-All-Purpose-Scrapbooking-Bundle-NassyArt_OldPaper2.
I used the element ArtPlay Palette Sonoma Grapes to fill in at the base of the wine bottle.
I added MultiMedia Branches No. 11 #1 as a small cluster on the upper left and overlaid the element ArtPlay Palette Sonoma Grapes with the gold button.
For the title, I placed Memories WordART Mix No. 1 WTIndulge under WWBest, duplicating and using blending mode Screen at 50% opacity. I used Memories WordART Mix No. 1 word art “Memories Are This”, duplicated and coloring white with a drop shadow and outer glow.
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AnnaRelease 28 September 2018

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Supplies used in this layout:
ArtPlay Palette Sonoma
Ephemeral FotoBlendz No. 1
Memories WordART Mix No. 1
MultiMedia Branches No. 11
ArtsyTransfers Sonoma
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Beautiful wine scene, love the grapes and grunge vibe. We have many wineries around the Finger Lakes that we enjoy visiting every year.
I've driven through Napa, California, at the height of growing season. The vineyards are incredibly beautiful. Lovely placement of the bottle and glasses amidst all the grapes.
This is so gorgeous with so much to look at. I'm like you and get horrible headaches from wine, luckily, I never was able to acquire a taste for it. Fantastic job!

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