Do you believe - elf on the shelf
Lori Ann

Do you believe - elf on the shelf

I have many cute ideas for Elf on the Shelve pages that I want to do. This year my Granddaughter turned 11 and she has had a year of changes especially for her Mom. She decided her own Halloween costume, didn't want a themed birthday party this year, her style in clothes and forget about trying to pick something out for her, ugh !! Then the final kick was she doesn't believe in Santa and her 2 Elf on the Shelves (Red and Rose). So this is what inspired my page I kinda went Fantasy which is different for me.
I love this layout! Our grandchildren are grown and I miss having them little and believing in Santa! :) I understand how you feel! :)
What a lovely layout, with all the white and the pops of red from the elves. A great take on the challenge, too. Congrats on your GSO!

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