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had to document this little game. they have played this since alyssa was probably 6 mos old. well... she did really start participating until she was almost a year old... hehehe. anyway... it is quite literally a daily routine. :)

JOURNALING: Everyday... its the same routine. Daddy comes in from work, your ruuuuuun up to him and give him the normal sweet hugs and kisses. You immediately want to be picked up so you two can play your little game. The game of switching hats. Daddy takes it off of his head and puts it on your head. You model it for all to see and get some attention. Then, you take it off of your head and put it back on Daddys head. This will usually go on for as long as hell let it. Im not sure who enjoys it more... you or him. This picture is no help, either. Look at you two. Hopelessly devoted to each other.

DATE STAMP READS: hopelessly devoted december 07

Paper by Paint the Moon and Heart by Queen of Quick (all from O Valentine collab kit coming Feb 1st to oscraps.com)
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Gorgeous!! Darling photo and I love your journaling telling this little story about their daily routine. These times pass so quickly!! How wonderful documenting this!! I wish I had done anything like this at all when my boys were small...now...things come back to me in spurts, but there is just so much I can't remember!!
Wonderful LO. Love the journaling and the pictures illustrates it perfectly. Title is perfect.
Enjoyed the journaling that preserves this special routine. Like the classy look of the title with the heart stamp.
Your style is sooo wonderful! I love your fantastic titles and how the emphasis is on your photo. This is truly so sweet :)
This is great! I love how you capture the everyday moments and turn them into the treasures that they are!!

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