Day 4

Day 4

My page is a mix of christmases I had as a child. I don’t have access to photos from there atm. I used the word ‘cray’ which is Aussie slang for lobster. Australian salt water lobsters also do not have any claws. That’s my lesson for the day. There maybe an error as I read 5 different explanations over the years.

My journaling

“The Sandy path between scub land is a very familiar sight & as children, we would run down the paths to a large white beach.”

‘I have great memories as a child going to a beach near us every summer. Sometimes we spent Christmas there & my memory that really sticks out is fishing & throwing out the cray pots & then having an amazing delicious Christmas of seafood.”
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What a beautifullly creative way to document a memory... I love the imagery galore on your page! A very different Christmas too...
Love the visual page you created to share your memories without pictures from that time. This is an awesome page.
Opps, before my very grateful thank you. The word “Text” is sitting in the middle of the page. I have no idea how i missed that. It’s sort of hidden, aging eyesight more likely. :oops:

Thank you so much & I appreciate that you could see ithe recreation of the fun Xmas times of my childhood. I wish i could sketch like the beautiful elements I used but thankfully we gave great designers help us create our visions & memories. I do have great memories but there is no way you would get me to fish now. Lol. Sorry about NJ being so cold now. Without google I know 15 degrees is below freezing. That may chicken me out of having a white Xmas. .:)

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