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Photoshop Elements 14

For the 2nd photobook for my grandson. What will the history books say? He will want to look back and see where he was in all of this, so I try to include pages that address that. It breaks my heart as a Grandparent to live with COVID restrictions and to see those limitations affect his life. But if a pandemic, massive unemployment, and threats to our democracy are what it takes to right the sinking ship of America, well, then, so be it.

Process notes:
I just pulled stuff in and blended it all together in a free-form way. To paraphrase what Anna Aspnes said in one of her recent emails, sometimes you just have to go with the flow of it.
It must be a scary time to be raising children, and I can feel the heartbreak (just look how cute he is, how hard it must be to be apart :-() Love the scattered sprinklez and charms!
That really is a cute photo and as young as he is maybe he does not realize what he is missing - we of course know much better - love the twilight background - awesome page!
How cute is he! He seems to have adapted to wearing the mask. I know what you mean about missing out ... we weren't able to attend my granddaughter's high school graduation. Thankful that they streamed it live and did see her walk across the stage via my iphone. They held the ceremony on the baseball field. Not the pomp and circumstance that the grads normally have, but at least they have closure to their high school years.
Congratulations! Your fabulous layout was featured on today's Gallery Standouts Blog!
Adorable! I am sorry he had to wear a mask! The lighting is spectacular!
Congratulations! What an adorable little boy--he should be the poster child for those older children that defy mask wearing. A beautiful job of blending.

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