Cape Escape Spread 1

Cape Escape Spread 1

This is the first spread in my new Cape Escape album, which is on the fast track because my goal is to Christmas-gift family members an album documenting our recent vacation together. Which means a finish date in November at the latest. With all the kids happily snapping away, there are over 650 photos in our shared Google album, and that's not including the shots that are still on my (professional photographer) SIL's camera. I keep wanting things to be perfect and am trying not to get stressed and let perfection get in the way of the good. I am compromising by telling myself I will come back and tweak my work if time allows. PS: the round thing on the poles is an osprey nest that was right outside our bedroom deck door.
Great photos of your cape escape! Love the sunset and happy faces! Your family will love the memories and any imperfections (which I doubt there will be any).
Love your start of a new photo album. I have the same problem with all the pictures just between my husband and I. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your layouts.
Beautiful sunset pictures. Looks like such a great time. Can't wait to see the rest.
You look happy and relaxed. Forget perfection. When they open these gifts they are going to be thrilled to be able to see all their memories captured in one beautiful book.
That's a ;lot of photos to deal with! You're on a great pace! Love the brightness/orange on these pages, plus everyone having a good time!
I love the sunset photos, adding even more warmth to your pages. It's good to let the things that aren't perfect sit a while and then you only fix the ones that really bug you the most. ;)

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