Bunny Bag

Bunny Bag

I still give Easter goodies to my adult kids as well as to the grands, and lifted the idea of my bunny bags (which are actually kitties) from Applechick's Instagram account. They were a pretty big hit.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
I love the story with the photos of Christina and Sam doing the cooking the meals look absolutely yummy it is making me hungry.x
This is so fun and joyful, full of life and hope and goodies. I have a basket ready for my kids, with a little something (non-edible) in it for Oz ;-) Love the yellow additions!
I love that you know how to keep that strong connection with your family and create traditions. Love how the yellow, a very appetizing color, ties your page together, too. Yummy.
a page full of energy with all these photos that show us the preparation of this beautiful party . yellow color is perfect for Easter
Love this peek inside there store. Sounds/looks like a wonderful feast! Your bunny bag is very cute :)
What a fantastic store - love your storytelling and the placement of yellows.
The food looks so yummy! I love that you and your grown kids still share fun!

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