Beach - Surfs Up

Beach - Surfs Up

The day was perfect for a walk along the beach. The ocean tide was going out but we had to watch for rogue waves. The fisherman in the surf would move in and out with the waves. We never saw if he caught anything. Kalaloch, WA, March 30, 2022

Construction: I used the Artsy Layered Template No. 267 Rotated Counter Clockwise 90° with ArtPlay Palette SurfsUp Solid Paper #1 as the background.

I clipped my fisherman sea photo to 2 different transfers. I duplicated the transfers and placed on top with blending mode Overlay for the main photo and Color Burn for part of the photo on the right.

I adjusted the frame’s shadows due to the rotation. I then clipped my one photo across both frames. I adjusted the sky blue hue to better match the colors of the palette. I created a white background between the frame mask and the shadow. I then erased on the frame masks with an artsy brush to apply texture to the photos.

I added parts of the Artsy Transfers Surfs Up #1 under my background sea photo. Also added birds Take Flight No. 2 #1.

I duplicated, rotated and moved the template’s “stones” to the left side.

I added Sea Sprinklez No. 2 #2 under the frames and a piece of Sea Sprinklez No. 2 #3 to the left side.

For the cluster, I used ArtPlay Palette Surfs Up Sand Dollar and Branch with threaded beads Sea from Beach WordART Mix No. 3.

I finished with the text in font JaneAusten and the Beach WordART Mix No.3_WAEnjoyWaves.
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