BE - Listen
January Challenge #3 - One Word - Listen

Is it the wind
or the rustle of leaves?

I hear a soft whisper
that seems to echo..

What I hear is in my heart
when I think of you.

So, I will Listen...
and think of you... every day

Prose by Kay Watson
Credits list
Music of Earth Rythyms of Nature by sarapullka designs
Kit https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digita...arth-rythyms-of-nature-sarapullka-scraps.html
Mixed Media Paper https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digita...arth-rythyms-of-nature-sarapullka-scraps.html
Brushes https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digita...arth-rythyms-of-nature-sarapullka-scraps.html
Frames https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digita...arth-rythyms-of-nature-sarapullka-scraps.html

Working from bottom layer up
Place Solid Green Paper 11
Add Mixed Media Background paper - reduce opacity to 33%
Add Musical notes stamp 8 (brushes) - reduce opacity to 29%
Add Leaves stamp 1 (brushes) - reduce opacity to 34%
Add Overlay 5 - rust leaves/flowers - reduce size place in corner - reduce opacity to 39%
Add heart element - add cream stroke - place tip just over overlay
Center leave wreath in page - add cream stroke - reduce opacity to 78%
Add bird and recorder player - duplicate and link together.
Add Listen Prose by Kay Watson - add cream stroke
"Listen" font - Chandlune Reg
Other words font - Chopin Script
Place word1 in upper right corner - simplify and change to cream color
Link all layers together - simplify then crop to 12X12
Reduce all leaving 1" empty space
Place Frame under edge of linked layers and square the frame to fill space
Add small blue stroke to inside edge of fame
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Sarapullka Scraps

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