Be in the Now.jpg

Be in the Now.jpg

Our first look at London after a 7hour delay in our flight.

APP Bespoke Artsy Paper no.4 creates the base and the top layer. The top layer is set to the Colorburn Blending Mode to intensify the colors of the photo and the brush work. The photo was masked to blend and adjusted to Colorburn Blending Mode. London Brush no. 1-7 extends the photo by adding a taxi and creating an extra layer in the traffic, not visible in the photo. The title cluster combines the wordart and the Around the clock brush.

Thank you for looking!
Super cool use of the photo! This sure brings back happy memories of living and working in London. Thank you for that!
You captured it! Those first hours definitely feel like this...we wound up at the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth after we checked into our hotel, and I did "The Lambeth Walk" on the sidewalk--my husband pretended he didn't know me, LOL. That's a crazy delay though--I guess that's "new normal."
The delays have been challenging. I had one where the delay was longer than the drive would have been. Oh well. Patience.
Love this wonderful scene and the fantastic color you achieved.
Love the surreal photo effect, so dreamy, or maybe it was a nightmare. Love the way the colors affect the black photo.
Loving the impact the color has on your photo. And how everything flows across the design.
Beautiful page, with gorgeous blending, color, and composition. I see the London traffic hasn't changed since I lived near there in the late 1970s. I love that you got the British flag in your photo. Sorry about the long flight delay; the new normal, I suppose. ♥

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