For this layout I used the Cynefin Collection, which is on sale for a limited time.


  • Solid Paper 1 & 2 (blended together) from APP Cynefin was used as the foundation of the page.
  • ArtsyTransfers 1, 2 & 5 were added – some of the layers was deleted, resized, rearranged and layers got different blending modes.
  • The photo was clipped to Linear FotoBlendz mask 4 and made 3 copies of it. Each copy got a different blending mode – Multiply, Soft Light, Overlay (also played with opacity to get the best result).
  • The page was completed by adding elements, word transfer, word art and transfers.

Thank you for looking,
This layout is so peaceful. Reminds me of the Cloisters in the Bronx, a place that I love in all seasons.
This beautiful design is a feature in the AnnaLift Challenge. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artistry.

Arch…by Dorci creates a dynamic architectural composition directed by a series of arches. The photo relies on linear perspective and follows the receding lines of the portico. A solitary figure captures our imagination as the lines are punctuated. The neutrals of the photo are repeated in the delicate dimensional accents that wrap the edge. Details of bricks blend into subtle text. A triangle of green foliage gently frames the image. An expressive title is a clear and simple message. Dorci shares her stunning art to inspire our artistry.
Beautiful, love the perspective. Congrats on being featured as an Anna lift.

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