After I finished sorting my photos and putting them away, I still loved this one of the Sand Flats Road near Porcupine Rim CG. I also wanted to save that first big complex snowflake I'D made when I combined my own XDX snowflake code with Garth's. Super easy and made me happy.
Credits list
aA: APP Pinery Papers, FIDT Pack frames, sequins, tag, MM Remembrancer, threadz, brushes
I wanted to make sure we spent enough time in a place where there was a lot of snow, because I didn’t know when we’d go a long time again without any at all and wish we had enjoyed it when we could. When we took the long road through deep snow I wondered if I’d made a mistake but it worked out fine.
Garth sent me two of his snowflakes, and I appended mine to his so that I got a whole new look to my snowflakes with very litle work. I really apreciated it on a day when the brain fog was at its worst.
@Adryane I set out to use a red visual triangle, LOL but there was no way for it to work, so I went another way, but this page actually lifts the left side of Adryane's page, "Human Postcard" from December 24th. oscraps.com/community/media/human-postcard.358524/
The title refers to the fractals being appended, the last-minute photo, but also to the photo on the left is appended to the one on the right.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
beautiful page! I especially like the light of the sky . the snowflake is a real jewel
Lots of time for red visual triangles. The year is young ;-)
Love love love your snowflake!!

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