AnnaLIFT: Shadow House Numbers

AnnaLIFT: Shadow House Numbers

I showed you how we could use the white space and a couple of sheets of copy paper to position the numbers, and you thought I was the boss. Then up on the ladder you were totally the boss. I was concerned that they don't have to deliver things to houses where the numbers aren't easily visible.
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aA: Paper, FIDT Pack, brushes
KPertiet: file tab
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Love the title work to match the house numbers. looks awesome. Reminds me I need to order mine before I get a letter from the post office.
this page tells the story in a fun creative way
At the start of the pandemic, when we were ordering from Amazon Prime nearly every day, my husband made a project out of getting lighted house numbers, repositioning the original numbers, and even putting a lighted house number sign on the lawn. I like seeing the numbers in triplicate, and that cool border around the right.
Great photo and love the play with shadows! We have the street numbers on our mailbox, but numbers on the house are of the year we built it. Really confuses people!
Nice new address! Love the way the ladder makes an "A" ... adds a nice solid in between to your guy and the left page.

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