AnnaLift Challenge 04.03.20-Good Grief

AnnaLift Challenge 04.03.20-Good Grief

AnnaLift Challenge 04.03.20-Good Grief
https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39307 thanks Nancy and cyanne22

aA April 3rd Release APP Disquiet, LoopDaLoops
Photos: web, CDC, tam-wai-nx9LpzQBf9Q-unsplash
Two of my fractals

On April 1st the CDC official guidance on masks stated that people shouldnt be wearing them on a daily basis. Two days later Pres. Trump recommended Americans wear face coverings. Disposable masks showed up on Amazon but with delivery the second week of May and beyond.
Ohhh, I adore these colors--not so much the sneezing but this is where we are. Your amazing art on the subject of the pandemic will make a wonderful book--it has your fantastic art, the timeline of each new phase and wonderful journaling. Let me know if it will be for sale!!
Love the design with the photos explaining about the masks here we were told in the U.K. not to wear masks now some are saying we should wear masks I stay in I don't need to wear a mask.
Times are a changin'! Everything is so confusing, different states have different recommendations! Unify! Love your photos and journaling. I'm making some cloth masks for my family.
No, don't. Yes, do. I'm going with the yes, do.
Nice documentation and lift.
Beautiful design! I love how you have kept your fantastic balance and the play of fractals! So very relevant in your documentation!
A change of strategy on masks also at home. We are lucky to live in the countryside, but I worry about my children who live in the cities.
I love your imagination, to illustrate this ugly story!

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