AnnaLift-6-10 Aquarius Boy

AnnaLift-6-10 Aquarius Boy

This lift gave me the perfect opportunity to use multiple photos to tell the story of Oz playing in the fountains in the park for the first time.
We didn't know the fountains would be on yet so were not prepared with the right clothes; we both got soaked and had a great time.
All the Frames are from WaterColor Template pages. I didn't use any of the FotoBlendz from the Watercolor Template, but I did use stains, all colored blue.
Elements are from ArtPlays Oiseau, Strom and Maya de Groot's Acqurius, which was perfect.
I did a lot of recoloring of the elements.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
  2. Maya de Groot
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Fantastic use of space for your photos - love all your elements and how it looks like a puddle with the paint you used.
I love it! Great images of Oz in the fountains! Made me laugh that you both got wet - missed seeing a photo of you in this one but a great Lift page!
Such fun pages! I love all the blues with that pop of colour in your photos.

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