AnnaLift 5-8 Artsale Amaranthine Collection Mothers-Day

AnnaLift 5-8 Artsale Amaranthine Collection Mothers-Day

Inspired by the lift pages, as well as Anna's Twitch session in which she made a Mother's Day page, I wanted to commemorate this day with photos of my mom and I, but these are all I could find. Note to self - take pictures with my daughter - she will want them some day!
Credits list
ArtPlay Amaranthine Collection, including ArtPlay, Artsy Transfers, MultiMedia Flowers 4, Postage Frames 1, FotoBlendz Overlays 15, Amaranthine WordArt, all used here
Artsy Transfers Wellspring
ArtPlay Palette Evanish
Artsy Transfers Jubilate

ArtPlay Mini Palette Sororal
Peachy Pink is the color I most associate with my mom, especially in her later years. Amaranthine Solid Paper forms the background, with Transfers added for color and textures.
Photos are blended with FotoBlendz Overlays 15. The left photo has a hard top edge, so I added the Sororal Frame in Color Burn, a MM Flower with Hue/Saturation Adjustment, Pin Light, Bevel and Emboss, and the lacy Transfer from Evanish.
Custom Cluster created on the left.
On the right I used various transfers to hide parts of the photo, especially since I don't know anything about the location or occasion.
The Amaranthine Frame has an Amaranthine Artsy paper clipped to it to lighten it.
Postage Frame used for part of the journaling (with a Paper clipped to the mask).
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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Gorgeous heritage pages! Treasure those old photos! I have only a few photos of me with my mother (at a very young age). Much of my childhood family photos are on the Brownie 8mm film. I have the films and had them transferred to VHS, but now everything is digital CDs. I'm sure in a few years that too will pass.
Great heritage pages, I love how you've blended the lace, I also love the beautiful old photos, great pages!
Beautiful heritage pages. Love how the texture crosses over the two pages in the middle. Love the feminine, vintage feel to the pages.
Just beautiful. I always enjoy your transitions of things crossing the centerline. Bravo!

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