AnnaColor Challenge 09.20.2019 - Denim

AnnaColor Challenge 09.20.2019 - Denim

AnnaColor Challenge 09.20.2019 - Denim
A Love That Never Fades

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We finally came up with a way to treat new jeans. Gather all the dirty jeans plus all the new jeans and put a medium load in the washer. Let the water fill. Add a whole 26 oz. canister of salt, Leave to soak all day, and dash occasionally. Then wash as usual, and don't forget they are there.
ROFL! The last line is the most important! "Don't forget they're there!" Love that picture, so fitting for the challenge! Perfect Page! Think this needs a Standing O!
this is amazing! I love that photo and I love my jeans! So does this keep jeans from fading or do they fade more?
The idea is to get rid of excess dye. The salt does that and makes the fabric softer. Not sure if someone would say you really need the vinegar. I don't think salt fades them.
Jeans as abstract art. Genius. Didn't know that trick with the salt. I live in them too but now own a really comfy pair of silk denims that I found in TK Maxx. You need some LOL
well this is intriguing! love the photo and those superb shadows! great title! I just can't find denim comfortable, preferring something with spandex in it :)

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