AnnaColor 10.08.2021: Color Me Curious & Persistent

AnnaColor 10.08.2021: Color Me Curious & Persistent

My artist tribe nudged me along to make some pages about myself. This one was my first. I decided it would make a good habit and challenge, so pages like this one about me would be a new addition to my art mix.
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aA: Paper, brushes
TCC: Photo & taped vellum
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Blue is my favorite color except when red is. Or almost any other color. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to have a favorite color. If my brother was handing things out and he asked me what was my favorite color, I would pick a color and he would make sure that I didn’t get that pencil or crayon or whatever it was. I learned to be very flexible about color.
Later, he was gone and I got my first glasses (I was very close to legally blind) I discovered that I loved vibrant colors I had never seen before, and for years I drove my best friend crazy with my exclamations about what he thought was normal.
I ended up pretty confused about my favorite color and when people would ask me I decided my best answer was sky blue pink and that actually later described sunsets and turned out to be true.
Really interesting page, glad you're doing this! Love those word strips on the right, great color interpretation!
Beautiful and interesting page. Love all the shadowing, blending and texture. A true masterpiece!
What a story about your youth--my sister had a very similar experience--after getting glasses she found all sorts of wonders that she had never seen before. I don't think families had their eyes tested as a matter of course as they do now. This is a lovely, very personal page.
Beautiful pages and storytelling. This reminds me of how I found out that I needed glasses ... I am thinking you may have motivated me to tell a story.

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