Anna Lift - 2007 Ice Storm, Glacial

Anna Lift - 2007 Ice Storm, Glacial

After this frigid week, I was thankful we didn’t have any precipitation. It reminded me of 2007, when we endured what I call the Ice Storm of the Century. I started with the template p6 because it had the most masks and I wanted to get as many pictures in there as possible. After clipping all my photos to the masks, I remembered the current Anna Lift, and decided to make it fit that by replacing most of the masks with postage stamp frames and frames from different palettes. But first I ‘cleaned out my sock drawer’. LOL! That’s an old private joke we used to make about a friend who was always late, getting distracted by doing something important like that. So first I made a PREVIEW folder of all the frames from all the Palettes. It really didn’t take that long. But I digress. After substituting frames for the template masks, I placed Glacial Solid Paper1 for the foundation, followed by blending Solid Paper 5 (Color Burn). It really didn’t make much difference except for allowing the textures to show through. Then I selected all the frame layers and transformed them to allow a border space and some breathing room. I placed Artsy Transfer 2 layers between the papers and masks/frames, rearranged and some layers removed. Embellished with word art and just the two elements because I thought it was already busy. I didn’t have a ‘WHEE’ moment like Diane , but I’m OK with it. Maybe next time. Finished with date and journaling.

January 2007. The Ice Storm of the Century, and we were not prepared. We did have time to fill up the bathtub for toilet flushing. But we didn’t have the whole home generator yet and the power was off 7 days. And that means No Pump & NO WATER! We had a small gasoline generator Ron rigged up with a cord into the house that we ran long enough to keep the fridge cold, and a few hours to watch TV at night. We had to set a timer every 30 min to add gas. We did stay warm with the wood stove though. After 3 days of freezing rain, the sun came out and we were finally able to start cleaning up. It was a mess! Every tree in our yard was damaged and many in the pasture and woods were lost.
Credits list
FotoInspired Template Pack 2A-6
ArtPlay Collection Glacial This week’s Anna Classic on SALE
ArtPlay Palette Glacial (solid paper 1 and 5, wood snowflake, dried flower, fabric button)
Artsy Transfer Glacial 2
Winter WordART Mix 1, modified, layer style added

Other assets used:
Postage Frames 2-1, 2-2
ArtPlay Palette Behold (frame)
ArtPlay Palette Mini Aoristic (frame)
ArtPlay Palette Mint Blizzard (branch frame)
ArtPlay Palette Amaranthine (frame)
ArtPlay Anaphora (frame)
FotoGlows Snow 1-1
Snow/Ice border from the internet.
I love this! All the different frames look wonderful! The ice dripping from the top of the page is perfect! Ice storms are so terribly damaging. There was just one at our house in Portland (where fortunately we are not) but the power stayed on. The last one we had there we were 3 days without power, but we had a gas fireplace and gas-lightable stove. We read a lot until it was dark, then slept a lot :)
I love your stunning layout! all the different frames that fit together so well and the beautiful photos of an icy winter
what impressive photos of a rather unpleasant situation. 7 days without electricity, unimaginable for me.
You've put together a wonderful collage.
I particularly like the branch frame, brilliant choice.
amazing lift.
Love all the different photos of the ice storm. They can be beautiful but terribly dangerous. Love all the different frames!
Congratulations on being this Friday's Standout! Your creative brilliance takes center stage in our featured highlight on the blog. We're thrilled to showcase your exceptional talent and imaginative work. :love:
Thank goodness for wood stoves. We had eight full days of "colonial living" many years ago when the kids were small, being on one of the last circuits to be fixed in our small town. The great outdoors was our fridge! No generator. Gets old fast. Your layout makes lemonade out of lemons though!

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