I do my pages for my Project pretty much the same every time with a few exceptions.
  1. I start with the template pages.in double-page format for 18 and 19.
  2. I pick my photos and add them to the masks using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. Then I make any adjustments that I think should be made. This time I used the Neural Filter Color to add color to two of the photos. Loved the result. And it helped the page.
  3. Then I add the papers over the background layer of each page.(Fotographie Sold 2 and Snapshot Solid 1). Sometimes I add papers to the frames in the background. Next, I place the transfers on the page. ( Snapshot Transfer 2 and 10, one of my pictures is a Christmas postcard photo so I used the message part to fill to frames) Attached to the Mask layer of Frames that were behind.
  4. The elements come next.Rememberancer Felt Camera, Oscraps Springarrow, Flaneur Clock and Fotographie camera 2. Plus Brush 16 from APP Infatuated.
  5. Next, I write and enter the journal. I remember many Sundays spent visiting relatives. My Mother's parents lived in South Berwick and my father's in Dover. My father's half-brother, Dave, married my mother's niece, Elinor, and they had two children, Keith and Rebecca. They were my favorites. My mother's cousin we called Aunt Vivian and she had a daughter, Sandy, who I got closer to when I was an adult. Going to Santa's Village up in the White Mountains was a big treat. One year we went with My Aunt Vivian and my cousin Sandy. We had a picture taken with Santa and I look tickled pink. Santa's village is there today and even bigger. Grandfather Morse was married three times- something very rare back in the day. His first wife was my father's mother. They divorced before my father was born their second son. Nana Deliah was his second wife who had two children-Jennet and David. His last wife was Gracie and she was the grandmother I most remember.
  6. The last to go on the page is the title. I use either a word cluster or create one. (Page 18 Iproject day 18-word art adjusted and Page 19 and Project 10-day word cluster.) ar
  7. When it is all put together I go to my checklist.

I love your archive of family photos, a wonderful journey through time that you have captured perfectly.
Fantastic display of all the vintage photos. Love the big framed one substituted for the fotoblendz. This will be one great book!

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