Inspiration – I am preparing for my aA Project 2023 which has me looking at old photos so I thought to do a page with my mother and myself.
Start – File>New 12x12 300
Paper – I placed Solid Paper 5 over the background.
Mask – Used the larger mask layer from Relative Fotoblendz 2 and turned off the other layers. I had to erase some of the areas where it extended beyond the frame.
Photos – I used a picture of my mother taken in a park in Canada and a picture of myself from 2015. I think we are about the same age in both pictures but my mother may be younger.
Transfers – Put Leaves 1 and 2 around my mother's picture and Transfer 5 under the picture and MM frame. I adjusted the colors of Leaves 1 so I had a visual triangle with the green color.
Elements – MM Trees 1.3 so that the frame lined up to frame my mother's picture. I took some leaves from the Multimedia Trees and also added the Oakleaf Branch over the frame.
Brush – Put Brush 3 below the transfers in a green but darker than the triangle green. Added an artstroke in white and a splatter in white.
Words – Typed the words an explanation of the pictures.
Title – Used the wordart Roots and Wings which I duplicated and ligthened the original to give more substance.
Beautiful photos, and framing with the elements! The desaturated photo of you is very nicely done to compare you to your mother. Lovely!
great juxtaposition of the two of you at the same age. You really look very similar.
You've chosen an interesting design by focussing on your mother in the frame and with all the elements around her, and by making yourself stand back by blending in.
A lovely page with beautiful photographs of both of you and a perfect composition! I love how you have the photograph of your mother framed and blended the one of yourself into the background paper - I LOVE this!
Beautiful use of the palette for framing your mother and creating the blended image of you!!

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