Inspiration – I looked at the colors of this L'amour collection and decided I didn't want a page with the primary color being blue as I have done a lot of that lately so I went with the yellow. And Yellow is good for Sunrise photos.
Start – Artsy Layered Template 245.
Paper – I placed Solid Papers 2 and 4 over the background layer.
Photos – I grouped all the stain, texture, and paper layers below the frames. Then I attached my photo to the group using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I set the blend mode of the group to Color Burn. Then I rotated two of the photos. I added three photos to the frames.
Paper after photos added I moved the Blue paper down to the edge where the photo was and used the eraser to remove the blue paper at the edges of the photo.
Transfer- Overlay 3 was placed at the top of the page. Overlay 4 was placed on the right side at the bottom. The gold paint was put over the trees on the right with a Vivid Blend Mode and an opacity of 63%.
Title Cluster – Started with a Scripttease, then put the bead word “amaze” over it. Typed in Sunrise at Estes. Below this, I added the Multimedia Heart 3.5.
Journaling – the journaling was about the pictures.
I checked for drop shadows.
the photos are beautiful. i love the phototreatment of the background and the great title work, which is emphasised by the hearts.

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