Inspiration – I have been taking some rides to the coast, so I went looking for a coastal photo
Start-File>New 12x12 300.
Mask – Eudaimonia FotoBelndz 1 was placed on page.
Photo – the photo was put above the mask layer of the Fotoblendz and attached using Layer>Create a Clipping MASK. Most of the additional layers were turned off and others were colored using Edit>Fill to match the colors to the photograph.
Paper – Placed Artsy Paper 1 above the background Layer. Aligned the mask so that it aligned with a box design on the paper. Used blend mode Darker Color on the Mask group so some of the parts of the paper shown through.
Elements _I placed the s Multimedia Sun 5.1 in the upper left corner of the page. I changed the butterfly to more of an orange. I placed the Clip over the photo and changed the color to green. Used Ctrl U and Ctrl L to change the colors.
Title – Used Travel Word Art Cluster1.5 but I turned off some of the layers because I felt it made to much cluster.
I love the desaturated image and the way you've masked it on the page. It looks like a postcard that is part of an art journal page.
Beautiful photo and perfect setting amidst the paper textures and element. Love the green clip.
Nice use of that "Best Summer Ever" piece. I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate it--no luck yet!
So much to see Joan, I love the beautiful photo, all that you added is also beautiful, an awesome page!!

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