Inspiration – I once again looked at the colors of the palette and looked through my photos. Decided I would turn the photo I picked monotone.
Start – With File>New 12x12 300
Paper – I added Solid Paper 5 from Salute above the background layer.
Mask- I created a mask using two transfer – 1 and 3 which I put in a group.
Photos – I add my focal photo to the mask with Layer>Create Clipping Mask.
Title – Used wort Art Cluster 3
Elements Used Multimedia Sprinklez 4.3 and placed the bird on the building.
Transfer – Added Transfer 4 above the paper in the upper right-hand corner (like how it looked like a mountain that echoed the roof of the building)
Brushes – But Brush 1 below the Magic Sprinklez. Then added Bursh 2 and 7 over the photos in a brown from the photo to give the sky some texture.

I always look to see if my photos need lightening and if all elements have shadows.
This LO is so beautiful but I have to say the minute I saw it I asked myself if I was in the land of OZ! Then I remember we have to many of these amazing old barns here in Kentucky. You have created a marvelous record here. Congratulations on the Standing O!

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