anna-aspnes-digital-art-anna-release-4-november-2016-ksacry Masterpiece

anna-aspnes-digital-art-anna-release-4-november-2016-ksacry Masterpiece

Construction: I started with the Artsy Layered Template 237. I turned off all but one of the frames and clipped the small photo (public domain photo from pxhere) to the mask of the remaining frame. I clipped the main photo (public domain photo from pxhere) to the template’s “Color” layer. I duplicated the main photo with blend mode Overlay, masking out all of it and then revealing some of the colored leaves around the subject using brushes. I then modified several template layers or turned them off to enhance the layout.
I placed Kinsfolk ArtsyTransfers #2 over the main photo and some of the template layers, adding texture.
I moved the “grass” layer of the template above the framed photo. I added 2 pinecone transfers from ArtPlay Palette Frolic.
I added the Family WordART Mix No 1 ScriptTease #2 and Word Art #1. I modified the word art using several layers, blend modes and layer styles, adding grunge with a brush.
I placed the Orange button from ArtPlay Palette Kinsfolk and the brown bow ribbon from ArtPlay Palette Frolic with the urbanthreadz from the template.
Background paper is from Design Cuts by Soffi-Sk Handmade-Feminine-Textures-5
Credits list
aAClassic Kinsfolk Collection is On Sale until November 30th.
AnnaRelease 4 November 2016

Supplies used in this layout:
ArtPlay Palette Kinsfolk
ArtsyTransfers Kinsfolk
Artsy Layered Template 237
Family WordART Mix No 1
ArtPlay Palette Frolic
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Love that small photo close up of those eyes! Beautiful colors and excellent blending.
I like how you get a sense of both autumn and winter in this layout. Congrats on your Standing O!

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