anna-aspnes--art-play-ephemeral-digital-art Dahlia Farm #1

anna-aspnes--art-play-ephemeral-digital-art Dahlia Farm #1

Our annual(?, will have to check my books from past years :) ) trip to the dahlia farm. I take so many photos of so may beautiful flowers, it's hard not to create a dozen pages. But, why not? I'll start here, with the purplish reds.

On the left is my interpretation of Layout #1 from the ArtPlay Ephemeral Collection, with Artsy Paper 1, FotoBLendz 1, MM Flowers 13-1 (colors adjusted on the grass and button).
The colors were not going to work, so I added a blue Color Fill layer, in Overlay Mode. Many of the brushes are placed under this fill layer to make everything blue.
I took the same photo and extended two copies of it over the right side of the page, in Screen Mode. I added the Frame Set from ArtPlay Ephemeral, rearranging. Photos clipped to the masks, then various extensions done )clipped photos to frame, extended photos via reverse masks and brushes).
I captured this photo of a young woman walking the dahlia fields (knowing it would work well in a scrapbook page) and included this, Overlay Mode, via a Reverse Mask and brushes.
Added some lace a just a few embellishments.
The word art is a modification from an Ephemeral WordArt title (Stay Here changed to Start Here).
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Yes Wow! These are jaw-dropping. All the blend modes and reverse masking are just idyllic!
Beautiful flowers! They get so big. All the flower pages are lovely additions to your album.
I love the colors and how the flowers go from just a suggestion all the way to sharp detail, and the mm flowers add much needed greenery.

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