Andrew Keele

Andrew Keele

This is my husband's great grandfather. After doing some research we found out that he fought at Gettysburg during the Civil War.

Anna Aspnes
Artplay Palette Patriarch (paper, journal, transfers, label word, button) Artplay Palette Patriarch
Artplay Palette Patriarch Bonus (paper, brush) Linear FotoBlendz 3
MultiMedia Patriarch 1 MultiMedia Patriarch 1
Patriarch WordART Mix 1 Patriarch WordART Mix 1
eA Words 1 eA Words 1

Artplay Palette Viaggio (transfer) Artplay Palette Viaggio
Artplay Palette Ocean Cove (transfer) Artplay Palette Ocean Cove
Sparkle Dots 1 Sparkle Dots 1
Layered Edge Overlays 2 Layered Edge Overlays 2
Artsy Stains 8 Artsy Stains 8
Splatters 5 Splatters 5

The pattern paper from APP Patriarch Bonus was used as the foundation of the page. MultiMedia Patriarch_1 was opened up. The images were clipped to the frame masks. A snippet of APP Patriarch Text paper was also clipped to a frame mask. It was duplicated and clipped to the smaller image (blending mode changed to color burn. Parts of the paper were erased to better showcase the face. The journal from the kit was layered behind the frame. The photo of the battle was clipped to a linear fotoblendz mask. The photo was duplicated two more times with the blending modes changed to hard light and vivid light. Transfers from APP Viaggio (a layer mask was added and part of the transfer was brushed out) and APP Ocean Cove were layered behind the photo. The battle layers were merged and duplicated for more definition. The page was completed by adding an edge overlay, stains, splatters, word art and dimensional embellishments.

Thank you for looking!
Such a cool story/photo, and love the way you've used the new products to tell it! Love the mm frame and journal combo.
love you the story is blended into the book, love the book mark - my relatives also fought in the Civil War but for the south. lovely heritage page!
A very creative page. Imagine having a relative fight in such a well known Civil War Battle - it really connects you to the history.
Fascinating, artsy storytelling, Miki! I like Joan's phrase...it really connects you to the history.
Wow, that's certainly heritage worth documenting. You can feel the history walking the grounds at Gettysburg--you must know, I'm sure you've gone. I love this layout because of the attention to detail, all the little layers, something that would have been a part of the fabric of life at that time. Particularly stunning work here!

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